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Telrim 4219
20 July 2013 @ 02:53 pm
First, they’re going to ask for trouble.

Telrim can’t stop thinking of it that way: Issek refuses to describe it otherwise. He’s with her now, in his borrowed human form, his proper host stashed safely elsewhere. He almost bit off one of his foreclaws when she appeared light years out of place and outlined this plan. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d bitten her, too.

But he chose to come along, after a long explanation and debate. She’s grateful for that. And perversely relieved – at least one of her people is prepared to throw his lot in with her. Maybe this isn’t the stupidity she thought.

They pick a nondescript console near the edge of the Nexus’s main area. Public enough not to be suspicious; quiet enough for Telrim to keep track of their surroundings while she leans alongside and pretends to advise. The convenient chair gets pushed aside, and Issek sets up an anonymous message as untraceable as his expertise allows. Not that it matters unless the message goes off-target.

Samus Aran – are you currently occupied?
Telrim 4219
20 October 2012 @ 07:05 pm
Telrim Four-Two-One-Nine: former scout, trained soldier, smuggler with a cause. She’s done her time in each of the main host species and now she’s stuck with human for the foreseeable future. Not that she minds too much – the senses are excellent, the experience is novel, and she gets to indulge her curiosity about an alien world. Nowadays her duties are split between supplying scientific materials to the Pool ship and manning a front organisation for any and all Yeerk operations that need things moved around. Swiping bits of human art to study, store, protect, save, that’s more of a side-project. Because not-very-deep-down, part of her is still passionately gleeful about getting to see the galaxy.

She’s unquestioningly devoted to the Empire’s ideals of discipline, efficiency and progress, proud of her species and their achievements, eager to see what future they will create. She has to be. She’s picked up too many bad memories not to believe the cost was worth it.

Towards aliens (i.e., humans) she's necessarily polite and an instinctive liar... as long as she can keep up the masquerade. In reality she regards them with a mixture of superiority and interest, respecting certain qualities while remaining very clear that Yeerks do everything better.

Telrim's voluntary host is Natasha Stanton, who went to the Sharing for help during a rough patch in college and got a bargain she never expected. A chance to save some fragment of her species… and the promise of safety on a doomed planet.
Telrim 4219
07 June 2011 @ 03:09 pm
Weeks into deep space (from a human perspective), Telrim doesn’t have her usual locations to work from. Instead she’s hanging around in one of the lesser-used storage bays of Visser Twenty-eight’s ship, using the lone computer console to catch up on some work. Actually, she’s trying to decide how to word ‘injuries sustained from pilot's digestive juices’.

It’s a quiet place full of sealed crates and objects shrouded in plastic wrapping. There are no visible windows, but there is one table with a folder of papers on it, a single human-style chair and another a sort of stool. It could pass for a small warehouse if all the labels weren’t in alien lettering. Albeit a warehouse with metal walls and the faint, edge-of-hearing electrical hum.
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Telrim 4219
06 March 2011 @ 09:50 pm
[It took quite a long time to set up this secure contact line, one that can’t be traced – perhaps not even identified – by, say, any prying Andalites. But it’s here now.

Drop a message here for Telrim – or Natasha – by whichever name you know them, and they’ll get back to you. Well. One of them certainly will.]
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Telrim 4219
29 December 2010 @ 03:14 pm

The secrecy does nothing!Collapse )

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Current Location: The Pool Ship
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